Bearers of hope. Czech football lit one-twentieth. Does she have a medal?

Lavička’s team gave at least some light to the view of Czech football, which is mainly rated according to the results of the national championship. And the one after a third of the World Cup qualifier is not.

The triumph of the 21st qualifier and the straightforward European Championship, which hosts Poland in June 2017, should be appreciated.

“The boundary between the twenty-one and the ahoy is thin, the two worlds are intermingled. So, as we are sad and disappointed with the failures, we should be happy to do something, “said Jaromír Šeterle, manager of the two most important domestic football teams.

The Czech twenty-one confirmed the position among the elite continent.Twenty-eight teams from eight teams who competed at last year’s championship in the Czech Republic competed for the Euro 2017. For example, the big soccer countries France and the Netherlands were not even in the barrage. In addition, a small Euro will fight Spain and last year’s world champion in 20 years, Serbia, which has not yet defended its participation in the last bet online European tournament.

Since the next one in Poland will take place for the first time with twelve participants instead of the eight, also reached Slovakia or Macedonia. “The Slovaks are online bookmaker not a sensation for me because I know about their strong generation. On the contrary, the Macedonians were surprised, “says Lavička.

The Czechs also surprised.When they entered the qualifiers last August without any preparatory match, because there was no room for them, they did not believe much. Few well-known footballers could not be equated with Kalas, Brabc, Kadeřáb, Krejčí, Frýdek, Zmrhal, Petrák or Václav Kadlec, who did not stand on the house in the group, even if they did not disappoint.

the European Championship ended two and a half years of work with the one that begins. It is no place to whine that we are weaker, we want to create a confident team, “said Seterle manager last summer.

It seemed unlikely, but Lavička et al. the manager’s words filled. “We have been given the job of the Pelty Association Chairman. I’m not saying if it was a real or unrealistic goal.We started from scratch, but we also had the maximum conditions created. We said to the players, there’s a background you can have, but we want you the best possible performance. Otherwise, bulls from ours and their side are not worth it, “Šeterle said.

It was not easy, at the beginning the team beat the draws in Latvia and at home with Black Mountain. The key victory over Belgium was favored.The other games were held by the Czechs, and they did not mind even this September defeat in Belgium, because it did not manage the October duel in Montenegro. By the way, in Belgium, the team lost after bookmakers offer very good performance, when the home clearly played but did not turn Chance and he finally won internet betting the game.

The 30-player bench put forward, Patrik Schick, with ten goals, became the best shooter of the entire qualification and did not play the final match against Moldova because he was upgraded. p> “I would like to thank all the players, each team has brought something. We created a part that was successful.It is a promise for the future, “said Lavička.

For Czech football, it will be crucial for the” hope holders “to become the support of the national championship, as in the silver and gold championships in 2000, respectively. 2002. At the same time, they were able to compete with the mature rivals.

“The boys were happy to make their friends happy. We were also frustrated when we did not win. But we all went for the same goal, “Lavička stressed.

The eleventh was not lost in the game, it showed the demanding fast football that he likes today. “I say honest football. Fast forward, combined, with a moment of surprise. Behind it actively, no one rests after the loss of the ball, and relies on the fact that someone is fighting for it. “

The current twenty-first name has fought for itself.He can improve on the European Championship.