UEFA has conditionally ruled Russia out of the Euro for hijackers

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The UEFA Disciplinary Commission has punished Russian representation by conditional exclusion from the European Championship and fined 150,000 euros (about four million crowns). The reason is the rioting of Russian fans after Saturday’s match against England.

According to the Russian Minister of Sport Vitalia Mutka, this is a severe punishment, but Russia will not appeal. “The punishment is exaggerated, but we can not influence it, because the Russian association is a non-commercial organization, but it would not make sense”, Mutko told R-Sport. >

The condition will stay above the Russian team until the end of the tournament.Any further rumors of Russian fans like stadiums will automatically mean the exclusion of the national team that is fighting for the progress with England, Slovakia and Wales in group B.

“Disqualification is postponed until the end of the tournament. If there is another incident of similar stamps, and that’s right at the stadium in any match of the Russian team, “said UEFA. She pointed out that the street battles of fans are not subject to any disqualification. UEFA can only deal with events at the stadium.

Coach Leonid Slucki appealed to fans to avoid any riots. “We need your support, but please focus on the right support.It is absolutely necessary to avoid any risk of being knocked out of the tournament, “ said Slucki to the fans. Similarly, the English hockey coach Roy Hodgson and Captain Wayne Rooney Russia was accompanied by a riot in the Marseilles harbor two days before the match itself, and the crowd fans chanted racist slogans, using pyrotechnics including a signal gun, crawling with the organizers and attacking the English fans sector, having to leave the stadium quickly, wounding 31 People.

UEFA has also taken into account the fact that Russia has been punished for the fans of the previous European championship.The union was then fined after each match in the European Championship, in sum had to pay 215,000 euros (then over 5.5 million crowns). Among other things, racist chants of Czech representative Theodor Gebre Selassie. Russia also had to play three home games without spectators.

The rumors of Russian fans are uncomfortable for UEFA and FIFA that the world championship will take place in Russia in two years.

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